Our LipSense Story


Jada Cecil and her mother-in-law Sharon Scott can't help but laugh when they recall the first time they heard about SeneGence. A loyal customer of their popular fashion boutiques had invited them to her house for a demo party. "She owns a cleaning business, so we assumed we would be buying cleaning supplies," Jada says. "Boy, were we surprised!"

When they got their hands on LipSense, they knew right away is was a product that women everywhere would want. "It was so long-lasting - it seemed magical, " Sharon says. "We love all of the products, everything about them. We have tossed all our other brands and are both in committed relationships with everything SeneGence!"

Today they lead their growing "Dream Team" from their homes in Oklahoma and incorporate SeneGence products into their boutiques. "Our team is responsible for every bit of our success in SeneGence," Sharon says. "We have very strategic goals for each person on our team. We want to see them each succeed in their own way." As best friends and family - who love to laugh - Jada and Sharon let their personalities determine how they divide the work. "We've just found where we each fit best," Jada says. "I am more wild and competitive, and thankfully, I have Sharon to keep us on track. She's more structured and realistic, which provide a great balance for our duo!"

Most important, Sharon and Jada want more women around the world to experience the rewards SeneGence has brought into their lives. "We have increased, not only our business and personal financial wealth, but we have also increase our wealth in lifelong friends," Jada says. "We have been able to work less and travel more. It's fun and rewarding, and we love the sisterhood!"

Their Beauty Tip: Confidence is contagious!

Their Favorite Quote: "Pearls are always appropriate."

Their "Go To" Item: Samon LipSense because it is a bold, confident color that makes us feel fierce!